The Best Private Schools In Ghana

The Best Private Schools In Ghana

There are many private schools in Ghana but these are some best private schools worth being considered as the best private schools in Ghana.

1. Ghana International School

Ghana International School is a coeducational international school located at Cantonment, Accra Ghana. Ghana International School has an enrollment of diverse backgrounds. The student population derives from many countries and cultural orientations. 

Address: Second Circular Rd, Accra

Alumni: Notable Alumni

Houses: 6

Founded: September 1, 1955

Number of student: 1,410

Motto: Understanding of Each Other

Colors: White, Green

School type: day school 

Phone: 0302777163 

2. The Roman Ridge School

An international school that welcomes all people between ages of 4 to 18. They train and educate children, build them up with better skills and knowledge for their goals. The school also help develop give the children solid foundation by encouraging them improve on talents to support their countries and the world as whole

Address: 17 Ridge Rd, Accra


Closed  Opens 8AM Mon

Phone: 0302780456

3. Akosombo International School 

Akosombo International School is a Ghanaian coeducational international second-cycle institution located at Akosombo in the Asuogyaman District of the Eastern Region. It is operated by the Volta River Authority.  

Address: 6°17’07.0″N 0°03’11. 5th Cres

Houses: 8 houses; 4 each gender

Founded: 1962

Headmaster: Julius Kog-Der

Age: 14 to 18

Phone: 0553248000 

School type: secondary school 

Classes offered: business; general arts; home economics; general science; visual arts

4. Lincoln Community School

Lincoln Community School is a private school in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. It is a non-profit, college-preparatory, international school. There is an expatriate population associated with the various embassies, Foreign Service agencies, NGO’s, United Nations organizations, and international businesses.  

Address: 126, 21 Abelenkpe Rd, Accra

Number of students: 590

Founded: 1968

School type: international school, college, co-education, Non-profit organization, private school 

District: Lincoln School District 

Colors: Blue, Yellow


Open  Closes 2:10PM

Phone: 0302218100 

5. Faith Montessori School

An amazing school with such great staff, a wonderful school that shall leave you with a full, ready experience for university/college.

Address: 152 Nii Kpakpa Osiakwan Road, Gbawe, and P.O.BOX 15063 AN, Accra, Ghana


Closed : Opens 8AM Mon

Phone: 0302331275 

6. Liberty American School

Liberty American School is a non- denominational, private, co-ed, day and boarding American Christian school founded on the three core values of Christ, Community, and Excellence. It services students’ ages 3 months through 18 years. It is located in East Legon, in the Greater Accra region of Ghana in West Africa. LAS is an abbreviation of Liberty American School as well as being an acronym for Live above Standard, which is our expectation of all within our school.

Areas served: 



Closed  Opens 7:30 AM Mon

Phone: 0244978209

7. God’s Grace International Montessori School

God’s Grace International School is a Private Christian International Montessori School. It was established and began in 1987 with 11 children, 2 teachers and the proprietress, The Late Mrs. Joan Addison. It is a committed member of Ghana Education Service (GES) and Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS). Ghana Education Service (GES) graded it Grade ‘A’ school. The School is based on the Pre-school, Primary and JHS.

Address: Number 2, 2 Naa Atta St, Accra


Closed  Opens 7AM Mon

Phone: 0596328472 


8. East Airport International School

One of the best international schools in Ghana and the environment is just the right place for your cherished ward to be. Take a tour and you will love the school. Don’t worry about driving your child to-and-fro because bus services are readily available.

Address: JVF4+PRQ, Koriey Kofi Ave, Accra


Closed  Opens 8AM Mon

Phone: 0302811755 

9. Soul Clinic International School

Soul Clinic International School is a co – educational private mission school enrolling students in kindergarten through secondary (Form 5), ages 4 to 16 years old. We run and prepare students for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and for the development, confidence and the skill set needed for a lifetime of learning.

Address: 2 Wuogon Rd, Accra


Closed  Opens 8AM Mon

Phone: 0302774058 


10. American International School – Elementary Campus

American International School — Accra, Ghana, was founded in 2006 to provide quality education for the international community. Located in East Legon, Accra, Ghana, AIS offers limited bus service from the Cantonments and Labone areas of Accra. In May 2012 the student population was 240 students from over 30 countries. 

Address: 1 Jungle Ave, Accra


Closed  Opens 8AM Mon

Founded: 2006

Phone: 0289547951 



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