The best commercial paint sprayer

The best commercial paint sprayer

Commercial paint spraying jobs are often on a larger scale. This is  serious work as compared to DIY projects, and as such, it does not only require professional skills but also a class of paint spraying equipment.

Commercial paint sprayers are designed  to do things that smaller paint sprayers designed for DIY projects cannot do.

The best commercial paint sprayer can be an investment, as it gives users an upgrade in versatility and power.

It can be a hard and tedious task to find the right commercial paint sprayer that meets your needs, as the market is filled with countless models with different specifications and features. It is natural that it will eventually become hard to choose which one best suits your needs. 

If you’re considering purchasing a paint sprayer but have no idea where to start, if you’re already an experienced painter, or if you want to start a career, then this is the article you need.

What are Commercial Paint Sprayers ?

Paint Sprayers generally allow the painter to spray the paint onto a surface and literally cover it in paint. Unlike paint brushes or rollers, this makes any painting job or project easy.  

However, a paint sprayer that is manufactured for commercial use means that it helps the job achieve a more professional finish on a large project.

What Are The Different Types of Paint Sprayers?

HVLP Sprayers

HVLP stands for ‘high volume, low pressure. Instead of a piston, this type of paint sprayer uses either a vacuum air system/ compressor, or, most often, a turbine with fans to distribute the paint. They normally come with a box unit where the paint is loaded and then pumped into a hose using a turbine.

The HVLP sprayers operate at low pressure but use a high volume of air to atomize the paint onto the desired surfaces. These kinds of paint sprayers are typically used for jobs that require a lesser amount of paint, but high quality is expected at the same time. These kinds of jobs include, but are not limited to, marine, automotive, architectural and cabinet.

HEA Sprayers

HEA stands for High Efficiency Airless. Professional painters who paint residential properties usually use HEA paint sprayers, as they are great for painting housing projects.

Unlike the HVLP sprayers, HEA sprayers use pistons to distribute paint at pressures of up to 3000psi onto desired surfaces.

Handheld Sprayers

Handheld sprayers make small projects like fences, garage doors, etc. very easy. To distribute the paint onto surfaces, this type of paint sprayer uses a powered electric motor that suckers up the paint out of the hopper and then sprays it onto surfaces. 

To work with it, all you have to do is connect the sprayer to a source of electricity, pour the paint into the hopper, and you can start spraying. 

It’s easy to clean most handheld sprayers, as you can assemble and disassemble them

You will have to disassemble most handheld sprayers afterward to perform clean up effectively. 

Compressed Air Spray Gun 

Compressed air spray guns are technically HVLP type of paint sprayers because they use higher volumes of air at a lower pressure. This makes them ideal for automotive or smaller projects. 

When it comes to their ease of use, they are relatively easy to use. All you have to do is connect it to an air compressor with the right PSI of regulated air, add the paint, and you can start spraying immediately!

How to choose a commercial paint sprayer 

  1. Type 

This is one of the most important elements to look out for when choosing a commercial paint sprayer. There are three prime options for commercial paint sprayers. Below is a detailed outline of each one.

  • HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure)

If you want to make sure that your paint spreads evenly, then this is the ideal  machine for you. They are light in weight and very compact, and as a result, you don’t need much power to get the same results.

Depending on the size and brand of the model, HVLP sprayers can be very costly.

  • Airless

Most commercial paint sprayers come with their own compressor system and are typically airless.  Airless models are known to deliver high pressure. This is usually good if you don’t intend to dilute your paint before spraying.

Most airless models have larger motors; therefore, you have to think about the weight, size, and noise levels when choosing the right machine.

  • Standard

If you already have an air compressor,  then it is cost effective to just buy a spray gun and a hose; if you don’t have one, then it’s better to just get an HVLP or an airless system.

  1. Power of Paint Sprayer

The power of the paint sprayer is another important factor to consider when choosing one.  The value to check when it comes to power is the maximum pressure rating.

The higher the pressure rating,  the faster the sprayers flow rate will be

  1. Type of Project

It is important to consider the type of Project at hand before selecting a commercial paint sprayer. Some commercial paint sprayers are ideal for large projects such as painting fences, ceilings,  walls etc while others are best fit for painting furniture or projects that require detailed finishing. 

  1.   Storage Capacity

The storage capacity or size of the paint cup is what determines the coverage you get before refilling. If the paint cup is smaller, you might have to refill regularly, which can cause interruptions. As such, large cups are always recommended because they minimize interruptions. 

It’s even better if your commercial paint sprayer comes with a suction tube as this will allow you to spray the paint directly from a paint bucket.

  1. Hose Length

The length of the paint sprayer is what determines the length you will get during painting. That is, the longer the paint hose of your commercial paint sprayer, the longer the reach you will get, which will enable you to cover a wider space without moving the sprayer for long.

  1. Ease of Cleaning

It is important to look out for how easy it is for you to clean your commercial paint sprayer.  Some sprayers are designed to be easy to clean, while others are not.

  1. Noise Level

The ideal commercial paint sprayer is one that should have noise-dampening features such as noise reduction covers. Commercial Paint Sprayers should not be very noisy

  1. Versatility

Finally, the best commercial paint sprayer should be able to spray a wide variety of paints. You don’t want to be changing your paint sprayers as you change the paints you work with.


  1. Graco 390 ProConnect Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

The Graco 360 paint sprayer is designed for professionals that need lightweight commercial paint spray guns that are easy to move from one place to another  for larger painting jobs and at the same time are  able to store conveniently and still deliver quality results.

Graco is one of the most reputable names in  painting equipment on the market and this Graco 360 ProConnect Electric Airless Paint Sprayer is one of the best commercial paint sprayers designed to tackle anything you throw at it.

This commercial paint sprayer is capable of handling any type of colorant you put into it, even if it is unthinned paint, it won’t create clogs. 

It is a very powerful and easy to use product which generates high pressure to handle any painting project of any size. It comes with  a high horsepower motor that  can spray paint at 0.47 gallons per minute (GPM) . Thanks to this, you don’t have to move around as the paint job progresses. 

When it comes to its nozzle, this commercial paint sprayer comes with a .015-inch nozzle, but it is designed to take a maximum nozzle of .021-inches. To allow the continuation of spraying, it features the RAC IV SwitchTip which clears out clogs with speed and minimal effort.

The Graco 360 ProConnect, although it may look small, is a very powerful commercial paint sprayer. This commercial paint sprayer can support a paint hose length of up to 300 feet, although it is supplied with a paint hose length of 50 feet. This makes it very flexible to work with. 

It has an excellent pump replacement system. With this system, you can easily replace a worn-out pump quickly and on the job. To help prevent clogs, this commercial paint sprayer comes with a large paint Filter and to prevent spills, it has an Easy-Out-Pump Filter in place.

Finally, this commercial paint sprayer is designed in such a way that cleaning it is quick and extremely. With the QuickFlush Connect unit, you can easily rinse and wash the paint sprayer with a garden hose.


Perfect for commercial painting jobs

High pressure

Very portable

Adjustable pressure

Easy to clean


Easy for long hose to get entangled

  1. Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 – Gravity HVLP Paint -Best For Detailing

This is one of the best HVLP commercial paint sprayers on the market for those handling basic detailing projects.

The Fuji Semi-PRO is capable of  handling  sections of medium to large projects as it is designed with total versatility in mind.

This commercial paint sprayer can paint with materials on a wide range of viscosities, it can spray anything with little to no dilution and this is because it is powered by a 1400 watt 2 stage bypass motor located in a turbine case and paired with multiple stainless-steel tips.

To withstand wear and tear, all the fluid passages of this commercial paint sprayer are made with stainless steel. With this paint sprayer, the user is given control over several patterns beyond the several 3 of vertical,  horizontal and circular as it has a dedicated fan spray in place.

It is so versatile that it can adjust from a 1-inch circular pattern all the way to a 12-inch oval.

The paint cup of this commercial paint sprayer can either be converted to a 400pcc gravity fed style or bottom fed and has a capacity of 1 quart. 

Although it comes with a smaller paint cup as compared to other models, its size and ergonomic handle makes it perfect for both DIY and commercial projects that require getting into finer details and corners.

To enhance its detailing oriented design, this commercial paint sprayer is supported by the 25-foot hose and an integrated air pressure control valve helps to reduce kickback and overspray. 

Another amazing feature is the Semi-PRO 2, an ideal detailing paint     sprayer for edges, cabinets and furniture is the incredible pattern control and gravity non-bleed gun design which is meant to prevent any air from passing through the spray gun until the trigger is pulled.


Powerful HVLP commercial spray painter

Very versatile

Can handle a wide range of viscosities 

Reduces overspray 


Small sized paint cup compared to other models.

  1. Titan ControlMax 1900 PRO High-Efficiency Paint Sprayer

For those who are looking to make an investment in a commercial paint sprayer but cannot afford the all-in-one big machines, the Titan ControlMax Paint Sprayer is the ideal commercial paint sprayer to go for. 

The paint sprayer is made of metal, and this makes it very durable and delivers high quality performance on any project. 

This commercial paint sprayer is very affordable and user friendly. It makes use of High-Efficiency Airless (HEA) technology, and with this technology, it reduces overspray by up to 55% while maintaining an easily controlled, consistent,, and soft spray finish, making it a perfect paint sprayer for both interior and exterior household use.

The Titan 1900 PRO features a 50-foot hose although it can support up to 100 feet without losing its pressure.  Aside from the hose, it uses a .70 HP pump to spray .40 gallons per minute through 515 spray tips at a maximum pressure of 1600 PSI. It is designed to spray around 500 gallons a year.

You don’t have to worry about constant refills as the paint sprayer can draw from 1 to 5-gallon paint bucket and this will significantly reduce time wasted by constant refills.

The Titan PRO 1900 is designed with wheels, which makes it easy

to move from one location to the other. It also comes with a storage for tools and spray tips. The total weight of this commercial paint sprayer is only 37 pounds.

It is worth mentioning that although the Titan PRO 1900 commercial paint sprayer doesn’t come with all the features of an all in one or premium sprayer, it can equally get the job done and deliver fantastic results.


Ideal for commercial paint spraying projects

HEA technology

Very affordable

Highly durable

Reduces Overspray 


Not a premium commercial paint sprayer

  1. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

When it comes to producing quality commercial paint sprayers, Graco, as a company, is the most popular on the market.

The Graco Magnum X7 is a top commercial airless paint sprayer at an affordable price point.

This commercial paint sprayer can spray paint at 31 GPM with a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI and support a flexible suction tube of up to 100 feet. With a 1 to 5 gallon bucket tank capacity, users can draw the paint directly from the tank.

You can spray unthinned paint at high pressures, as this  paint sprayer comes with a stainless-steel piston pump designed to last while paint is spraying at high pressures.

 Painters have total flexibility over the flow of material, and this is because the paint gun has  fully adjustable pressure controls and can support a maximum tip size of .017-inches.

The Graco Magnum comes with a ton of amazing features. It comes with the RAC IV SWITCH Sprayer Tip, made with Reverse-A-Clean technology, which is designed to unclog and flip blockages while you keep spraying.  It also features the PushPrime button, which makes starting-up very fast and easy.

If you want the paint sprayer to spray directly to a garden hose to make cleaning the unit easy then, it features the  PowerFlush to make this possible.It is very portable, as it comes with a wheeled cart and weighs only 26 pounds. 


Perfect for commercial painting project


Can spray unthinned paint?

Features Push prime button

Very portable

Highly durable


Can overspray if care is not taken

  1. Titan ControlMax 1700 Paint Sprayer

This commercial paint sprayer uses the High-Efficiency Airless technology  (HEA). It is able to provide about 0.33 gallons per minute and a whole threshold of 300 gallons a year. When it comes to its 0.6 horse-powered engine

The Titan ControlMax Paint Sprayer is suitable for spraying various paint substances on various surfaces as it comes with a 0.6 horse-powered engine and a lock and tip guard to prevent it from the  unnecessary spillage of materials. 

To reduce overspray,  it comes with a 0.017 tip size, which helps to reduce overspray by 50%.

 This commercial paint sprayer comes with a firm metal frame, two wheels and easy to access handles  which makes it easy to move it from one location to the other.

 It comes with an HEA technology, which helps avoid overspraying and also the tip can be also rotated to remove any clogging.

Although this commercial paint sprayer is good, it lacks certain features. 

 It comes with a 50 – 80 feet long quality hose that although is okay for professional projects, is shorter than other models on the market.

One downside of this paint sprayer is the issues it creates during cleanup and it does not contain any filter.


Very good for commercial paint spraying projects 

Highly durable pump

Very Affordable



Hard to clean

Spray gun doesn’t have a filter


  • What is the best commercial paint sprayer?

The best commercial paint sprayer will greatly depend on the materials you will be spraying as well as your usage.

  • How much is a professional paint sprayer?

Anything below the  $1000 range will fall into the DIY category of paint sprayers. as such, you can expect to pay anything between $1000 and $4000 for a commercial paint sprayer.

  • What is the difference between HVLP and airless sprayers?

The main difference is in how they pump paint. Airless Sprays use Purston pumps for speed while HVLP use pressure fan system for accuracy and quality.


Finding the right commercial paint sprayer for your needs can be a challenging task. It is therefore important that when making your purchasing decision, you consider all we’ve stated above to make your task easier, save your time and finally get the most out of your commercial paint sprayer in the long term.



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