List Of DSTV Code And Their Uses 

List Of DSTV Code And Their Uses 

Here’s a comprehensive guide that not only provides you with a list of DSTV codes and their various uses but also outlines the step-by-step process of how to check your unique DSTV code. Additionally, we’ll walk you through the convenient and easy way of recharging your DSTV subscription via Mobile Money (MoMo) for a seamless viewing experience.

What is the DStv short code? 

The DStv short code is *759#.

You can  check your due date, pay your account, clear errors, update your personal details, check prices of packages and more with *759#. 


List of dstv code and their uses 

Use the “1731” short code to upgrade your DStv package.

Check your due date with the short code *759#. 

Pay your account with the short code *759#.

Clear errors with the short code*759#.

Update your personal details with the short code *759#.

Check prices of packages and more with *759#.


How do I check my DStv code?

The decoder’s serial number is found on a sticker on the back of your device. The smartcard number can be found on the back of your smartcard, under the barcode.


How do I pay for DStv with Momo? 

How to Recharge DStv Packages Using MTN Mobile Money.

You need to be a MTN Mobile Money subscriber in order to utilize this method. To recharge via MTN Mobile Money follow the steps below.

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Enter option 2 (Momo and Pay Bill)
  3. Enter option 2 (Pay Bill).
  4. Enter option 2 (TV and Entertainment)
  5. Enter/Select Option 1(DStv).
  6. Enter Smart Card number.
  7. Enter reference number (e.g. February Bill
  8. Enter Amount.
  9. Enter your MOMO Pin Code
  10. You will receive a confirmation message from MTN.

You’ve successfully recharged with MTN Mobile Money


If you want to pay your DStv subscription in Ghana using Vodafone cash, follow these steps:

Dial *110# on your Vodafone number.

Reply with option “4” to make payments with Vodafone Cash.

Choose “1” to pay your DStv bill.

Again reply with option “3” for utilities.

Select option “3” for DStv subscription.

Enter your smart card or IUC number.

Also, enter one (1) for the amount due or “2” to input the amount you want to pay.

Reply with the option “2” and continue the payment with your Vodafone Cash.

Now, enter the amount you would want to pay for the DStv subscription.

Press the send button.

Finally, enter your Vodafone cash PIN to complete the payment.

This is for existing Tigo users.

You have to first register for Tigo Cash and deposit money into your wallet. Then follow these steps to make a payment:

  • Dial *501# on your phone
  • Select option 3 for ‘Pay Bill’
  • Choose Utility under category
  • Select DStv as Bill option
  • Enter your reference number (account number)
  • Enter amount you wish to pay
  • Confirm with your 4-digit PIN

For existing Airtel users.

Every Airtel SimCard has Airtel money. To activate

  1. Dial *500#
  2. Go to my account, Choose change Pin.
  3. Enter the old Pin which is a default number 071234.
  4. Enter new, then your SimCard will be activated for Airtel Money.
  5. Select the Airtel Money icon on your phone.
  6.  Select pay bill. Choose other Type DStv.
  7. Type amount in Ghana Cedi
  8. Enter Pin Code. You will be asked for reference. Type your IUC number there.
  9. You will receive a confirmation message.


How do I enter USSD code on DStv?

1: Visit using your mobile device, smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.

2: Enter your email and password to sign into DStv. 

3: Enter the unique code you’ll see on your TV screen (Now DStv Com TV link enter code)



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