Don’t just focus on Wale’s shades at Nigerian artistes, make news about the sold out concerts – Trigmatic to bloggers

Don’t just focus on Wale’s shades at Nigerian artistes, make news about the sold out concerts – Trigmatic to bloggers

Ghanaian singer and music composer Trigmatic has urged bloggers to create uplifting headlines to appreciate the work put in by artists to organize sold out concerts rather than publishing headlines that degrade their efforts.

This comes after Shatta Wale threw shades on Nigerian artistes after selling out the Ghanaian stadium for his Freedom concert.

“They said I won’t be able to fill my own stadiums, I don’t need any Nigerian artiste to sell out Ghana’s stadium, f**k Nigerian artistes,” Shatta said.

Bloggers took up the statement and some social media users backlashed the dancehall artiste for such utterance.

However, Trigmatic in a tweet on social media, urged bloggers to cease fueling Shatta Wale’s utterance and make news of sold out concerts and efforts made by artistes to organize shows.

“Can we all agree to create HEADLINES that are uplifting! These guys put in a lot of work and ought to be celebrated. Let’s make news about the sold out concerts and amazing performances because really that what it should be about.”

He later tweeted “If we will sieve out emotions from what is happening, we will realize that Ghana has the weakest gates and gatekeepers. I’m not in Ghana and wherever I am, I can assure you we are not enjoying any music plays here. It’s a fact! Big up @shattawalegh for being bold.”

“Music tourism is bigger than what we see it. It brings in the biggest pool of funds no matter how we see it. So everyone who plays a role in that space needs a better orientation. We need to sell Ghana to Ghanaians and to the world and this must be done intentionally.”

According to Trigmatic, continuous playing of foreign contents are flooded in every venue and several media platforms and that will not help in propagating Ghanaian music to the world.

“We just don’t like the truth but you can’t fight the truth! DJs and the entire media fraternity may realize that in the long run, it is us who lose, Look at the number of tourists in town, and each venue and radio stations get flooded with foreign content. What are you selling?”

The Afrobeat artiste reiterated that his interest is in the growth our Ghanaian music space and that will happen if all are intentional about promoting the good.

He congratulated all Ghanaian acts on organizing successful shows during the festive season.

“Congrats to all Gh acts on successful shows this festive season. Keep the culture alive!!! Merry Christmas.”

By Benedicta Naa Lamiorkor Lawson||Ghana

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