Courses Offered At Accra Technical University

Courses Offered At Accra Technical University

Accra Polytechnic is driven by the desire to produce better outcomes and keep up with the pace of technological advancement throughout the world via creativity, in accordance with the directive of the Technical University Act, 2016 (922). As a result, they have maintained high standards of quality over time, despite the ups and downs of academic trends.

This article discusses part-time classes at Accra Polytechnic, higher national certificate and degree programs provided at Accra Polytechnic, as well as additional programs available.

A brief bio about Accra Polytechnic 

The first technical university to be founded was Accra Technical University. The Accra Technical Institute was opened in 1957 after being established in 1949 as a technical school. On the advice of the president at the time, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the Institute was renamed Accra Polytechnic in 1963. Accra Technical University was given tertiary status by the Polytechnic Law of 1992 (PNDC 321), which became fully effective in the 1993–1994 academic year. The school was thereafter given jurisdiction to grant Higher National Diplomas under the Higher Education Council (through the National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations [NABPTEX]).

Accra Polytechnic was transformed into Accra Technical University under the Technical University Act, 2016, (Act 922) together with eight other polytechnics. The elevation was intended to improve technical education with a focus on creating graduates of the highest caliber who have been shaped by excellence and professionalism in a variety of technical programs, both in theory and in practice.

Currently, the university has five faculties—Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Built Environment, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Applied Arts, and Faculty of Business—and 16 departments.

Accra Polytechnic courses 

Here are all the courses and programs of Accra Polytechnic for undergraduates and postgraduates:

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

Building Technology

Civil Engineering

Furniture Design and Production

Secretaryship and Management Studies

Bilingual Secretaryship and Management Studies



Purchasing and Supply

Hotel Catering and Institutional Management

Fashion Design and Textiles

Mathematics and Statistics

Science Laboratory Technology

Medical Laboratory Science


Accra Polytechnic degree programs

This is the list of degree programs offered in Accra Polytechnic:


Bachelor of Technology-Science- Laboratory Technology

Bachelor of Technology – Medical Laboratory Science (top-up at Level 200 or 300)

Bachelor of Technology – Statistics

Bachelor of Technology – Computer Science

Bachelor of Technology – Fashion Design & Textiles

Bachelor of Technology – Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Technology – Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Technology – Automobile Engineering

Bachelor of Technology – Building Technology

Bachelor of Technology – Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Technology – Electrical/Electronics Engineering

Bachelor of Technology – Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Bachelor of Technology – Accounting

Bachelor of Technology – Banking and Finance

Bachelor of Technology – Secretaryship and Management Studies

Bachelor of Technology – Marketing



High Diploma courses offered at Accra Polytechnic 

This is the list of High Diploma Courses / programs offered at Accra Polytechnic:

HND Building Technology

HND Civil Engineering

HND Electrical/Electronics Engineering

HND Interior Design and Technology

HND Mechanical Engineering

HND Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management (HCIM)

HND Science Laboratory Technology (SLT)

HND Statistics

HND Computer Science

HND Accountancy

HND Marketing

HND Purchasing and Supply

HND Secretaryship and Management Studies

HND Bilingual Secretaryship and Management Studies

HND Fashion Design and Textiles


Accra Poly Distance Course 

The courses mentioned below are offered as distance courses. These are available at all levels from certificate, higher diploma and degree levels.


Hotel, catering and institutional management


Math and statistics 

Mechanical engineering 

Purchasing and Supply

Secretaryship and Management Studies

Science Laboratory Technology (SLT)

Part-time courses at Accra Poly 

The courses listed below are all available as part-time courses. These are offered at various academic levels, including certificate, advanced diploma, and degree levels.

Secretarial and management studies 

Math and statistics 


Mechanical engineering 

Hotel, catering and institutional management 

Accountancy studies 

Fashion, design and textiles 

How many years is a diploma at ATU?

Diploma courses are 2 years, and Higher National Diploma courses are 3 years at Accra Technical University.



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