5 ways to be prudent on Val’s Day with your expenditure

5 ways to be prudent on Val’s Day with your expenditure

Valentine’s Day is a time for couples, lovers and people in relationships to flaunt their love and spoil their partner.

It used to be spoiling that special someone with heart-shaped chocolates and roses, but that is no longer the case, especially in Ghana.

Now Valentine’s Day has evolved into one of the most lucrative shopping seasons.

This article is going to offer you five simple ways to be prudent with your finances this Valentine’s Day and not to come across as stingy to your partner.

Always remember that celebrating Valentine doesn’t have to cost an arm or leg.

Below are 5 ways you can spend the day with your loved ones without breaking the bank.

  • A night of nice music

A night of serene music, with food is perfect. Make it an unforgettable Val’s date night.

A cozy dinner/movie at home
A nice quiet dinner with a movie is the perfect way to go, this allows more intimacy and deeper insights into each other.

  • Go for a drive

Drive around, chat and generally have a great time in each other’s company.

  • Get dressed up for a photo shoot

By all means dress the part for Valentine and take great pictures together; make it fun in your own ways.

  • Give each other massages

A good old relaxing massage complete with scented candles and fine wines will not cost an arm and will leave both of you smelling great; eating each other up will be the only thing on your minds!

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